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GIS Planning Expands Coverage in Canada with Spacelist Partnership

Partnering with Spacelist gives Canadian economic developers direct access to available commercial property listings for their ZoomProspector web tools

Alissa Sklar
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on February 04, 2020
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

GIS Planning, the industry’s leading online economic developer GIS data solutions provider, is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Spacelist, the leading commercial real estate listing platform in Canada, to offer integrated commercial real estate listings into GIS Planning’s site selection tool, ZoomProspector.

Property data feeds made easy

Spacelist aggregates commercial listing data from a wide range of sources in Canada and the US, providing a robust inventory to feed ZoomProspector. With contact forms embedded into every property, it’s easy for site selectors and businesses to contact listing agents directly.

 ”GIS Planning is proud to offer our Canadian clients the benefits of our partnership with Spacelist,” explains Russell Riblett, GIS Planning’s VP of Sales.

“Spacelist’s nationwide commercial listing tool provides an automatic property data feed that  easily and reliably populates any region’s property database. A data feed from Spacelist means Canadian economic developers can rest assured prospective investors always have access to up-to-date sites and buildings listings.”

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“We’re excited to partner with GIS Planning to benefit listing agents by utilizing ZoomProspector as a valuable lead generation source,” said Steven Jaffe, CEO of Spacelist. “This integration offers a platform that can benefit both sides of the transaction, providing businesses access to a wealth of information and analytics related to their site selection, as well as bringing awareness to a region’s real estate opportunities.”

Give commercial listings more exposure

Spacelist’s free listing platform provides a valuable extended network to gain commercial listings additional exposure through economic development organizations using sophisticated online GIS site selection tools such as ZoomProspector. GIS Planning has already launched a number of clients across Canada integrating Spacelist’s listing data (see how the City of Abbotsford (BC) uses the property data by clicking here) and is planning to leverage this partnership for clients across Canada and the US.

GIS Planning is the world leader in online economic development solutions, with clients across North America and Europe. Over 17,000 North American cities in 44 U.S. states and five Canadian provinces are served by GIS Planning’s Geographic Information System (GIS) Software, which provides real estate, demographic, and industry data to help businesses and site selection professionals select optimal geographic locations through powerful online mapping analysis. GIS Planning’s software as a service helps local communities grow their economies through business investment. Click here to learn more about ZoomProspector.

About Spacelist

Founded in 2012, Spacelist's mission is to make commercial real estate more accessible and efficient. Spacelist offers a robust inventory of up to date commercial real estate listings in Canada and the US, making it easier than ever to find great space for your business. For more information, or to find commercial space, visit: https://www.spacelist.co or email info@spacelist.co