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Fulton County (GA) Launches Powerful Location Analysis Data Tool

Fulton County (GA) launches ZoomProspector, the leading data tool, to spur business growth, attract investment & create jobs in metro Atlanta and 14 cities

Alissa Sklar
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on April 05, 2022
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Select Fulton County (GA) has launched the industry's most sophisticated GIS site selection search tool for metro Atlanta and surrounding cities, combining robust data layers alongside available properties to spur business growth, attract investment and create jobs.

Select Fulton County (GA) is proud to announce the launch of its new online site selection tool to promote the region for business relocation and expansion. The easy-to-use tool makes property listings and workforce data for 15 cities, including Atlanta, instantly accessible in a clear, relatable format to community leaders, site selectors, realtors, and businesses making location decisions. The intuitive, mobile-friendly web tool is free to use and requires no additional account to access information. It's a powerful way to boost activity for the most populous and economically active county in the state of Georgia.

Fulton County ZPE

SelectFultonCounty.com provides data including available labor pool, economic indicators, business resources, commercial site availability, key infrastructure, demographics, and targeted industries. The site features the industry's leading location analysis GIS data tool, ZoomProspector, as well as different interactive tools on different pages for research.

A user-friendly, interactive data tool powered by GIS Planning's industry-leading ZoomProspector software ensures that businesses making location decisions can view available commercial sites and buildings and research critical demographic, workforce, consumer spending, talent, and business data. Select Fulton County also makes extensive use of the standalone Intelligence Components to add interactive data to their web pages, such as Community Profiles for each of the 15 cities, talent pool data to track degrees conferred and top programs of study in the region, demographic data and much more.

"Being home to 15 diverse cities, including Atlanta, this new tool will provide our many partners a centralized access point for community and real estate information,” said Samir Abdullahi, Deputy Director of Select Fulton.

“ZoomProspector will fundamentally enhance our ability to quickly understand the competitive landscape for new business investment, even down to a very local level.”

The interactive tools offer much more than a searchable properties database - they also enable deep analysis of demographics, workforce, business, industry, consumer spending and infrastructure data. Select Fulton County, along with the 15 cities they serve, property owners, developers and listing agents can also take full advantage of the mobile-friendly tools to support business, create jobs, and power economic growth across the region.


Select Fulton County's new web tool couples these listings and layers with additional proprietary data sources like Applied Geographic Solutions, National Center for Educational Statistics, Emsi, and DataAxle (formerly InfoGroup USA). Some key unique features include:

  • DEMOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS: Visitors can research population, education attainment, household information, and even employee types by distance or radius from a selected property, or even a pin on the map and export the information in ready-to-go reports.
  • BUSINESS REPORTS: The business database can help identify industry clusters and potential customers, competitors and suppliers. Use heat maps to visualize consumer spending across the region. An excellent resource as well for retail site locations.
  • WORKFORCE DATA: Powerful occupation, labor force, wage and talent data can help existing businesses and prospective investors make informed decisions to grow the regional economy. 

All publicly listed commercial properties will be listed and updated on the site. Additionally, Select Fulton County shares property data with the Georgia Department of Economic Development and Georgia EMC to help keep the database as fresh and up-to-date as possible.

To learn more about business expansion or relocation opportunities in Fulton County, please contact:

Samir Abdullahi
Deputy Director
141 Pryor Street SW Suite 2052
Atlanta, GA 30303
O: 404.612.8120 | C: 404.808.7995

Visit Selectfultoncounty.com

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