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FPL first to launch new GIS Planning web tool with FDI data

Florida Power & Light has launched the new Explore Florida web tool using the redesigned ZoomProspector Enterprise, the first to include detailed FDI data

Alissa Sklar
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on June 27, 2019
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) has launched the brand new Explore Florida web tool, using the completely redesigned ZoomProspector Enterprise. The GIS web tool promotes the state for business relocation and expansion and is the first of its kind to include detailed FDI data, offering free access for research and analysis to corporate site selectors and businesses making investment decisions.

A new big impact

The addition of the FDI data to ZoomProspector offers a critical extra level of research potential unmatched by any other online GIS site selection data tool in the industry. The data, which comes from fDi Markets, tracks seven years of greenfield investment into the state, which can be viewed by country, amount of investment, jobs, number of projects and sector. FPL's Office of Economic Development is the first economic development organization to provide this data in their online corporate site selection tool.

“At FPL, we are focused on making it easier for businesses to choose Florida as an ideal location for growth, and this is another great tool in our toolbox,"

Crystal Stiles, director of economic development at Florida Power & Light Company.

Florida Power & Light GIS data tool


On the go? no problem

The new tool boasts the only fully featured mobile version of a GIS site selection data tool, a critical feature when economic development organizations can expect up to 40% of the users of this online software to be using a smartphone or tablet. GIS Planning's ZoomProspector provides website users free access to property location and business data intelligence, target industry profiles, state and local incentive programs, workforce data, infrastructure, education and training, as well as resources for start-up businesses. Click here to view a video tour of the features in the all-new ZoomProspector Enterprise.

As one of the first states to launch the new version of ZoomProspector Enterprise and the very first to integrate FDI greenfield data, Florida solidifies its position as an investment attraction innovator.

Visitors to the Explore Florida web tool can map out specific business clusters, view data infographics, compare communities, and easily generate their own customized thematic data maps for analysis, sharing or export. Reports have been redesigned for enhanced readability with a polished, professional look and are easy to share on social media, email or as custom links in proposals and presentations. All reports feature the Florida Power & Light Company logo.

"Market research shows that more than 97 percent of site selectors research locations online, often without contacting the economic development organizations," said Anatalio Ubalde, managing director and co-founder of GIS Planning Inc. "Florida Power & Light Company has ensured with this location analysis tool that the key information and analytical tools they need are always there. With this tool, the state of Florida is open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

GIS Planning's commitment to consistent innovation, intuitive software interface, analytical tools that invite site selectors to drill down into the data, and excellent customer support are some of the many reasons that three times as many Florida communities choose ZoomProspector Enterprise over all competitors combined. An impressive 27 U.S. statewide economic development organizations have selected GIS Planning software for their investment attraction websites. More than 66% of Americans live in territory served by our tools, and we've been proud to expand our offerings into Canada, the UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany. Since its introduction 21 years ago, ZoomProspector has remained far and away the leading GIS data tool in the field of economic development. 

Florida Power & Light's new web tool can be accessed online

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