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Export & share properties, folders and reports

The all-new GIS Planning ZoomProspector tool makes it easier than ever to share properties, custom folders, and reports. Your website visitors can choose from a variety of ways to share the information that's important to them.

Imagine you're a business seeking a location with specific criteria. Maybe you want a property that falls in a specific Federal Opportunity Zone. Or you want something around the interaction of two interstate highways, within a specific commute time to downtown, or with a high percentage of engineering graduates in the region. Perhaps you want something with rail access or in an area with specific consumer spending patterns You can generate your own detailed customized maps with the thematic heat maps, layers and property search filters. Once you've got the exact visual prepared, making an excellent case for the properties under consideration, you want to share it with your partners. or the company that hired you to consult on possible sites. 


How do you do that? With the new GIS Planning ZoomProspector tool, simple click on share to access your own unique link to the customized map you've created. Add it to an email, a report, a PowerPoint presentation. Build it into a blog post or a response to an RFP. 


You also have the option of easily sharing to email or social media with one click. And if you really want, download it as a PDF. 


As you can see in the video below, users have different options to share property reports, custom folders and individual reports such as business, demographics, labor force or consumer spending. This range of options is unmatched by any other software in the industry. We make it easy for your website users to find and share what they want on your online data tools.


Contact us today to learn about putting the all-new GIS Planning ZoomProspector online corporate site selection data tool to work for your community.