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Explore Lublin Promotes Data Microsite to Attract New Investment

Businesses researching international investments & development potential in Poland will appreciate powerful online data tools showcasing the City of Lublin

Alissa Sklar
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on September 21, 2021
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Businesses researching international and regional investments and development potential in Poland can now take advantage of a powerful set of online tools dedicated to showcasing what the City of Lublin has to offer.

The new Explore-Lublin.eu data microsite portal was originally developed by the City of Lublin's Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department to encourage investment, but the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the need to provide robust online data to support existing business and industry.

Lublin microsite header"Lublin is the first Polish city to fully utilize the potential of this innovative tool which provides comprehensive geospatial data about the city's economic potential," explains Mariusz Sagan, Director of the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department at the Lublin City Office.

"This tool has been implemented by investment promotion agencies in 14 other countries, including Dusseldorf (Germany), Bordeaux (France), Murcia (Spain) and Sheffield (UK). We are confident that this interactive data portal will boost Lublin's image from the perspective of investors, as well as an educational tool for students, but also tourists and residents."

Explore-Lublin.eu is a user-friendly open access data portal featuring interactive tools to speed up and simplify research and analysis; it expands the process of generating leads and market intelligence to enable informed, intelligent decision-making.

The data microsite enables investors to answer fundamental questions, such as: ‘What business and industry clusters are currently in this region?’ ‘Does the area have a market for my business to succeed?’ ‘Is there sufficient skilled workforce?’ and ‘Where are the innovation hubs and office space located in the City of Lublin?’

Lublin infographic

The innovative web tools are all mobile responsive and use simple, visually appealing infographics to display an overview of each location and feature interactive tools. Website visitors can easily document, export and share research with their specific contacts.

In addition, users can check out the competition in an area, analyze the community profile, consumer expenditure and talent pool. Click here to access Explore-Lublin.eu.

About the City of Lublin: The Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department in the City of Lublin undertakes activities for the economic development and Smart City, cooperates with entrepreneurs, clusters, business support organizations, academic institutions and representatives of academia and promotes the economic potential of the City of Lublin.

You can visit the data microsite portal by clicking here

For more information about the City of Lublin, please contact:

Mariusz Sagan, Ph.D.
Head of Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department in the City of Lublin
Phone: +48 81 466 25 00