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New products and services in the expanded fDi Intelligence portfolio

The new online tools and services in our fDi Intelligence portfolio offer unmatched advantages across every stage of the economic development lifecycle

Alissa Sklar
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on May 02, 2023
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing
A few weeks ago, we broke the exciting news that the Financial Times had acquired WAVTEQ products and services (excluding lead gen); our newly expanded fDi Intelligence portfolio of products makes us the world's leading economic development services company. 
These new online tools and services offer incredible advantages and efficiencies across every stage of the economic development lifecycle. From professional development and strategy development to place marketing and ongoing operations, we offer our clients actionable intelligence and expert guidance to drive success.
Housing all of these cutting-edge products and services under one banner offers incredible opportunities for synergies and integrations. Given our longstanding reputation for innovation, you can count on us to continuously update and develop these in exciting ways to offer competitive opportunities to our clients. 
Below is a guide to all of the new products in our lineup, in addition to GIS Planning's award-winning suite of software tools, including ZoomProspector, Intelligence Components and ZoomTour. You can click on the product names to learn more about each of them. 
fDi Insights - Generate in-depth custom analytical reports on greenfield investment to identify new business opportunities and better inform your strategy and decision-making. Empower your organization with unrivalled FDI data.
fDi Markets - The most comprehensive tool available using real-time data, fDi Markets will help you identify target investors for your region, identify key markets and profile various companies based on multiple variables you set, so you receive early warning signs that a company may be expanding or relocating. 
fDi Benchmark - The only comprehensive analysis tool that compares costs and qualities of investment decisions. Assess your location's competitiveness, compare locations worldwide, and see how you stack up on issues like labor, industry, infrastructure, quality of life, and more.
IncentivesFlow - Track real-time financial incentives awarded to companies for foreign and domestic projects. Compare incentives across locations and industries and even benchmark your incentives against competitor locations.
InvestmentFlow - InvestmentFlow is a suite of database platforms which track domestic investments in Canada and the UK. It is the only data source tracking domestic investments in real-time at the project, company, and sector levels.
Calgary investment mapfDi Influencers - Intermediaries are becoming more important as the scope and nature of investment are changing. The fDi Influencers platform helps to connect you with investment intermediaries in your country and in every country worldwide. 
Amplify CRM - Built for EDOs, this powerful and highly affordable CRM is customized for you without all of the hassles. The licensing fee covers importing your current data, customization and training.
InvestmentMap - InvestmentMap is a highly innovative solution to track all investments in your location, measure organizational performance and the quality and economic impact of investment, and market your location to the world.
We still offer the most comprehensive and rich GIS site selection application and interactive data tools for your website. Want to learn more about how these different tools can help your community or region maximize economic development success? Schedule your demo today.
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