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Do you know who's visiting your website?

GIS Planning's Lead Gen ID allows you to identify the companies researching your community and economic development organization, using reverse IP lookup.

Alissa Sklar
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on October 13, 2016
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Knowing who's visiting your economic development organization website is a key step in building a productive conversation. Our research shows that more than 97% of site selectors and businesses are researching your community online - often before they ever pick up the phone. What if you knew they were there, and could proactively engage them?


Now you can.


Lead generation website visitor identificationGIS Planning's Lead Gen ID allows you to identify the companies researching your community, using reverse IP lookup. That means you know the name of the company the computer is registered, (but not the name of the person doing the research, or any other websites they might choose to visit). 


This is a game-changer. It allows you to transform your sales funnel entirely, identifying key prospects, educating yourself about their needs, and initiating contact before your competitiors do. Lead Gen ID is offered at no additional cost to all ZoomProspector Enterprise clients, as part of the premium service they get with their GIS sites and building database. It will track who visits your website, as well as any of the five Intelligence Components you may have embedded in your website pages. 


How does it work? Lead Gen ID uses a tracking code and reverse IP lookup to see who is visiting your website. Setup involves merely pasting a special code into the back end of your website. Your reporting dashboard details which company has been on your website, the referring source (such as Google, LinkedIn or Twitter), what pages they landed on and viewed, and how long they spent on each page. You can use this data to contact and build relationships with your website visitors. To learn more you can register for a free, informative webinar about Lead Gen ID on Thursday, October, 27th (1 p.m. EDT). 


What information do you get?

  • Name of the company searching your website
  • The website visitor’s company URL
  • The website visitor’s company telephone number
  • The website visitor’s company industry category (e.g. construction, biotechnology, aerospace)
  • The location (city, state, country) of the website visitor’s computer or smartphone.
  • The referring source for the website visit (e.g. Google search, LinkedIn, direct)
  • What website pages they visited
  • How long they spent on your website pages
  • What searches they were doing
  • What search parameters they enter
  • What communities they look at within your geography
  • What reports they look at on your ZoomProspector Enterprise application (demographic, talent, workforce, etc.)
  • Which of your Intelligence Components get visitors


I want to know which companies are on our website

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