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GIS Planning Holiday Gift Guide

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the town, city, county or region you love best, consider some of the following ideas for a great start to 2020. 

Alissa Sklar
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on December 18, 2019
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

It can be so hard to find just the right holiday present for those we hold dear. You try to take into account their interests, passions, and needs. After all, nothing feels better than giving a gift that's just perfect for its recipient - except perhaps seeing them actually make use of it in the days and week's to come!


If you're looking for the perfect gift for the town, city, county or region you love best this holiday season, consider some of the following gifts that keep on giving all year round. 


GIS Planning holiday presentsThe gift of data

Talk about useful! ZoomProspector benefits not only you and your team but also potential investors, site selectors, existing businesses, elected officials, and countless community stakeholders. Reliable online GIS data tools puts robust information right where everyone needs it, whether it's demographics, workforce, GIS, consumer spending, talent pool, incentives, wages, transportation, energy, business and industry, and more. Add your own local data, Emsi or JobsEQ data - we make it easy to do!


The gift of time

How many hundreds of hours of research and analysis have you and your economic development team put into preparing business cases for site selectors and prospective investors? How many days and weeks have gone into sourcing information and answering questions for existing businesses, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. Those are hours you will never get back. An intuitive, easy-to-use online data tool is like adding new super productive staff members who never take coffee breaks or vacations, freeing you up to the important work of rapport building, communicating and synthesizing information.


The gift of analysis

Static data reports make people's eyes glaze over. Does anyone really read those? Tables of text and data are boring, time-consuming to review, and hard to remember. Dynamic, interactive data reports help prospective investors and existing businesses make key connections, answering the specific, focused questions they bring to your website. Build complex, multivariable data maps with our extensive map layers. Heat map data by adjustable radius or drive time around a property. Analyze granular, robust data for specific communities and regions. 


The gift of engagement

Make your website sticky with polished, appealing, interactive data tools that can be embedded into any website pages. Choose from any (or all!) of our six Intelligence Components and watch your website traffic numbers improve, your bounce rates fall, and visitors returning for reliable data they can easily use. 


The gift of clarity

Featuring your interactive GIS site selection data tools on your website gives you so many new options for communicating your region's value proposition. Consider using one of our beautiful, turnkey data microsite templates. Always up to date and built respecting best practices, your new microsite will ensure your data tools are featured front and center. Super affordable, these can be up and running in days with your images, colors and branding. 


The gift of actionable intelligence

Do you know which companies are visiting your economic development organization website? Do you know what they are looking for - industrial, retail, office? How many square feet? Do they need rail access or proximity to an interstate or research university? Our Lead Gen ID tool is built into ZoomProspector and Intelligence Components, so you get the actionable intelligence you need to proactively reach out to prospects.


The gift of prosperity

In a crowded global marketplace, your town, city, county or region is competing with the rest of the world for the attention of investors. and since all of hem are researching locations online before making contact with economic development organizations, if you don' have the data they need, you are losing leads without ever knowing you were in the running. Start of 2020 with peace of mind, putting your best foot forward to create new jobs, support existing businesses and stimulate your area economy. 

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