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The future is now

We take technology for granted, relying on it “just working” so we can get through our daily lives. This is the new normal.

Bryan Beatty
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on December 10, 2019
Bryan Beatty
Director of Sales

This morning, I saw something really cool. I was leaving my local supermarket when I saw a woman having a conversation in American Sign Language (ASL) using her smartphone.


technology for business smartphoneThe person she was speaking with was on her screen, and there was a picture in picture showing the woman in the supermarket with me (presumably so she could check to make sure her signing was correct). The future really is now. 


It made me realize (again) just how much we take technology for granted, but also how much we now rely on technology “just working” so we can get through our daily lives. Communication, accessibility, information, and analysis that was unthinkable a few short years ago has become part of our new normal.


For people in the investment community, basic information about a company, like their SEC filings, or their earnings reports, or recordings of their conference calls, used to be hard to get. Now you can get a Google Alert whenever any of these documents become available.


Likewise, a businessperson looking for a new place to call home for his/her business should be able to simply go to the city (or county, or region, or state) website and search for available real estate. They should also be able to determine whether there is a labor force with the education and skill sets they need, whether there are customers they can sell to, and gauge how well similar businesses in the vicinity are doing in terms of sales.


The good news is that more than half of all statewide economic development organizations in the US offer the industry’s leading online GIS data tools to do this, plus over 13,000 towns, cities, counties, and regions in North America and Europe which offer the ability for any businessperson to find a new place to call home or to expand their business.

These regions have all chosen to use our ZoomProspector Enterprise site selection suite of data tools to quickly and easily provide answers to questions related to a community’s available inventory of commercial real estate, demographics, FDI investments in the community, talent pool, GIS, and so much more.


If you’d like to learn how we can help you promote your community, or you’d like to use these tools for your own business expansion or relocation needs, please click on the link below.

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