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When it comes to data, you've got options

We offer our clients data options to best meet their needs. Here's an outline of different data sets that can be integrated into our online GIS data tools.

Alissa Sklar
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on August 23, 2019
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Different economic development organizations have different needs, which is why we make a point of offering our clients a variety of data options to best meet their requirements. Our data ranges from the hyper-local to the hyper-regional, with zip code, block group, metro, city, county and regional level data of all kinds. Here's a range of the different data sets that can be integrated into our award-winning, industry leading online GIS data tools.


Demographic and business data you can research & analyze

We start off with our principle datasets to build our ZoomProspector Enterprise and Intelligence Component software for your website. In the United States, that data comes from Applied Geographic Solutions (AGS) for demographic, consumer spending, and labor force data, InfoGroup USA, for business data, and a variety of public sources for everything from broadband and energy to flood zones and wetlands. This data is regularly updated (twice a year for AGS and four times annually for business data) to ensure it's reliable and up-to-date. In Canada, we use Environics (based on Statistics Canada data) and InfoGroup Canada for business data. For our other clients around the world, we have a large team of research specialists in Belfast, Northern Ireland, who will research the data sources specific to your location in order to give you the widest possible range of information for investment promotion.


The business data we provide is particularly valuable to businesses making location decisions; no other online GIS data software vendor offers business analysis. You can see how to do a custom business search in the GIF below.

Business data search


We've chosen to work with these datasets in North America because they offer us the widest possible number of variables from trusted sources that can be drilled down and analyzed. We also appreciate that they don't force us to use standard templates for reports so we can offer it for analysis in interactive ways that are most relevant to our clients and their website visitors. Our market research has consistently shown that the ability to analyze this data within the online tool is a priority for site selectors and businesses making location decisions. Old school static PDFs just don't meet their needs. 


BYOD - Bring your own local data

We give our clients the ability to integrate relevant local GIS data from your city or county (as a live connect or in several different formats) at no additional cost. Examples of local data sets include regional incentive zones (we already include Federal Opportunity Zones in all US applications), data centers, public transportation lines and stations, custom industry clusters, major projects, and local success stories.


Local data water linesHere are great examples from different clients:


Notice how all of this specialized local data can be easily shared with a custom link directly to a report displaying that data, as above. This is so much more effective because it sends the recipient back to your live website, rather than an old school static PDF. Let us know what data you'd want to include and our Client Services team will help you integrate it into your online data tools. 



We have many different clients who have chosen to integrate Emsi occupation data. We can help you integrate it into your site if you're a subscriber. Click here to watch a recent video recording of a webinar about building Emsi occupation data into ZoomProspector.



GIS Planning is the only GIS online software vendor to integrate JobsEQ data from Chmura. If you're a JobsEQ subscription and are interested in learning how to integrate it into your ZoomProspector web tool, please let us know.


FDI data

We can now integrate seven years of greenfield FDI data for your region, searchable by country, sector, jobs and investment. Click here to see how Florida Power & Light was the first to include this powerful data set in their Explore Florida ZoomProspector tool. 


Want to discuss integration of any of this data into your ZoomProspector online GIS data tool? Click below to schedule a convenient time with our client services team. 

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