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Economic development bingo - print & play

Early September is a funny time at any workplace, as kids return to school and people return from their summer vacations, tanned, relaxed and with new perspective on their work. Staff meetings this time of year can take on a whole new meaning as you reacquaint yourself with the familiar. So, to make the meetings a little more fun you may want to try our game of Economic Development Meeting Bingo. 


A couple of years ago, the very funny comedy/ satire website McSweeny's published faculty meeting bingo cards, which struck a chord with academics everywhere. I've taken the liberty of editing it for the economic development crowd. I've revised and added a few items, but it's amusing how many translated so well to the job creation/ site selection/ business nurturing/ urban planning sector.


The rules are pretty simple. Print out the card and take it into your next meeting. Discretely cross off items as they come up. Resist the urge to jump out of your seat and yell "Bingo!" when you complete a line. And then please feel free to submit new options for our bingo board.


Economic Development bingo