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Roswell, NM data attracts business, saves time & money

Economic developers want innovative online data tools to attract businesses. Roswell Chaves County EDC says their Intelligence Components save time and money.

Alissa Sklar
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on June 27, 2016
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Amanda King is a busy woman. As the project manager for the Roswell Chaves County Economic Development Corporation economic development office, she wears a lot of hats simultaneously, and it can be challenging to get everything done so their corner of southeastern New Mexico stays competitive to attract businesses.


Roswell economic development website logo hero imageSo it was an odd coincidence when GIS Planning’s regional sales director, Bryan Beatty, reached out to her at the same time as a couple of other GIS data vendors. She evaluated all of the offerings, but ultimately found it easy to choose. “Both cost-wise and based on the products themselves, GIS Planning’s Intelligence Components were clearly the right choice.”


King explains that choosing the Community Infographic and Demographics Intelligence Components to embed on the Roswell Chaves County EDC website significantly changed how she is able to do her job. “I was going through all this data two to three times a year and updating it all myself. These data tools save me at least a couple of weeks of work each year, so I can concentrate on other things.”


She points out that it’s extremely convenient to have the data accessible online for anyone researching business locations. “And if someone come in, or call us, all I have to do is refer them to the Intelligence Components on our website.”


King says she also uses them internally to prepare reports and compile data. “Recently, I had a local real estate broker come in and say, ‘I need these numbers.’ Since he was old school, I was able to quickly compile them myself.”


As for the Intelligence Components themselves, King says she appreciates all the different data they both offer, and the different formats they use to present information, but her favorite is the Community Profile Infographic. “They are really clear and concise. I know I personally process things visually, and it’s so much more effective than long, boring lists of numbers.”

 Roswell community profile infographic economic development website GIS data

She was pleased to find that setting up the Intelligence Components on the economic development website was extremely easy. “I sent the links and code to our website manager, and we had them up within 24 hours.


You can see how all five Intelligence Components provide engaging, interactive online data for your website here at ChooseAmarillo.com, then click below to learn more about how they can work for your economic development organization.

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