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COVID-19 response webinars you don't want to miss

Here are some of the free webinars we're hosting this week to assist economic developers everywhere as they work to meet and mitigate the challenges posed by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Alissa Sklar
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on April 07, 2020
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

UPDATED with links:

Here are some of the free webinars we hosted last week to assist economic developers everywhere as they work to meet and mitigate the challenges posed by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Virtual Lead Generation: Investment Changes and Trends in Response to COVID-19

Image of globe on palm of businessman. Media technologiesThis webinar looked at the initial responses and trends the Research Consultants International FDI research teams have identified based on feedback from executives across North and South America and Europe over the past few weeks since the coronavirus pandemic has restricted travel and shuttered enterprise around the globe.

Research Consultants International FDI, Inc is a Montreal-based market research firm that specializes in investment attraction programs for economic developers. Senior executives, Erika Magder, VP Sales & Global Products and Amber Hunter, VP, Business Development will offer an overview of their initial findings and discuss how economic developers may be able to react to meet and mitigate these emerging challenges.


  • How have the recent developments relating to Covid-19 led to companies rethinking their supply chain?  
  • Overview of the conversations we are having with executives around the globe  
  • Which industries are still progressing with expansion / restructuring plans?
  • How our firm has adapted our services virtually for both attraction and BR&E services
  • Pro Tips for holding Business Conference Calls with Prospects
  • Technology applications and software recommendations

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Learn More About New COVID-19 Data Layers & Resources for Economic Development Organizations

Indian River Chamber COVID data layer

GIS Planning has released several new tools and data options for clients and non-clients alike to address the economic development challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. These include our soon-to-be-released ZoomBusiness tool to help businesses map themselves as open or closed on your website, a stand-alone COVID-19 data mapping tool free for all US communities, and a number of free data layers on ZoomProspector for all clients to help economic developers and chambers of commerce meet and respond to challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. More interactive data tools are still to come.


  • A preview of the NEW ZoomBusiness tool to let businesses mark themselves as open or closed on your website
  • The free COVID-19 Mapping Intelligence Component tool, free for all US EDOs, chambers of commerce and government organizations
  • The Chmura JobsEQ Job Loss Vulnerability Index layer, free for all ZoomProspector clients
  • The New York Times' layer of COVID-19 cases and more, updated daily

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A

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