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Data analysis: Try the new freehand drawing tool

Imagine you're a business seeking your ideal business location and you've got a pretty good idea where it needs to be. Maybe you've got a manufacturing facility that wants to locate along an Interstate corridor. Or a plant that wants to be within a particular distance of several suppliers. Or a surf shop that wants a location somewhere along the beach.


freehand drawing toolIf you had those kind of difficult to quantify specifications for your business location, you used to be limited to trial and error searching with radius or drive time. No longer. The freehand drawing tool on the new GIS Planning ZoomProspector allows your website visitors to drag their cursor along the map to choose their own custom area, and then generate lists of properties that fall within those coordinates, along with bespoke data reports on data, labor force, consumer spending, business, talent, wages, and more. 


The freehand drawing tool is easy to use. Select "Filter area" from the tools on the bottom right of the map, between Pinpoint and Export. This tool is one more example of the extensive range of analysis tools available to your website users so that they can research ideal business locations. Static data is outdated and irrelevant - in a competitive global economic development marketplace, it's critical to offer all you can to help visitors looking to make investment decisions. 


Check out this short video showing how the freehand drawing tool works. Click here to see the overview video of all the most popular new features on the new GIS Planning ZoomProspector.