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Your ZoomProspector data tool is powerful open access community data

In times of crisis, responders need access to critical regional data. ZoomProspector offers robust, open access, interactive data for disaster management

Alissa Sklar
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on March 23, 2020
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Economic developers and investment promoters everywhere are scrambling to figure out how to best adapt to the new realities of the unfolding COVID 19 pandemic. One of the things they will need most in the days, weeks and months to come is reliable, robust, open access, interactive regional data for community stakeholders. Exactly the kind of thing you can get from ZoomProspector. 

People have always tended to view ZoomProspector as first and foremost a GIS property database for commercial real estate, and it's true that it does that exceptionally well. However, our clients are well aware that it's also a phenomenal community access data tool for everyone in the community who needs to research, analyze and communicate important information to those who need it. 

In a time of crisis, the list of people who need this critical regional data is a long one: businesses, elected officials, government officials, investors, journalists, researchers, chambers of commerce, schools and hospital administrators, and more.

SC Power Team business map health care

The kinds of information they can access can help support is extensive. here are some examples of how ZoomProspector can assist economic development and disaster management in your region:

  • Identify and map business clusters - down to the 6-digit NAICS code - so existing businesses can identify new opportunities for local procurement and synergies.
  • Identify and map sectors with high numbers of people over 65, so assistance efforts can be efficiently managed.
  • Map grocery stores and restaurants in an area
  • Illustrate regional health care centres, hospitals, clinics and testing centres across your geeography
  • Map other forms of local data that can be quickly added to your online GIS data tool (contact support@gisplanning.com to learn more)

So what can you do with this information? Here are some ideas:

  • Miami Dade population heat mapEnsure everyone in your region is well aware of your ZoomProspector tool by ensuring your website prominently features a link to it as an open-access data tool, and not just as a property locator.
  • Include the link in your e-newsletters and email campaigns
  • Post the link to it frequently across your social media channels
  • Email regional stakeholders with a reminder that the online resource is there for their disaster management responses and economic development planning

Learn more about how to use and promote your ZoomProspector online tool as an open-access community data tool in tomorrow's free webinar.

Open Access Community Data for COVID 19 Disaster Management: How to Access the GIS Data Your Region Needs Right Now
Tuesday, March 24th 1:30 p.m. EDT/ 10:30 am PDT

Webinar: ZoomProspector as open access community data resource

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