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How to capitalize on a big pending project

Your community has an amazing big development project that will revitalize the area. However, this jewel-to-be in the crown of your community is a good 12-18 months away from opening it’s doors. Here are some ways to promote a community asset that’s not quite ready.

Bryan Beatty
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on November 09, 2018
Bryan Beatty
Director of Sales

Your community has an amazing new development project to re-purpose that decrepit indoor mall built in the 1970’s into a multi-use (residential, commercial and retail) destination.




Marble Falls Texas economic development boardwalk

The only problem is, this jewel-to-be in the crown of your community is a good 12-18 months away from opening it’s doors. So how do you promote a community asset that’s not quite ready?


Actually, such “pending assets” can be a great opportunity to create and build interest and momentum. Here are great ideas:

  • Start with showing the future, via mock ups, “artists renditions” and animations, and be honest about showing the current state of the property or site. This enables businesspeople and other community stakeholders to compare what is with what soon will be shows that the community is moving forward.
  • Documenting the progress of the project, even dwelling on setbacks and how the community deals with them, can demonstrate that the community has a “can do” spirit and is willing to overcome obstacles, ofttimes in interesting and creative ways.
  • Short videos can show both the community “as is” alongside animated “Will be” scenes. Check out this clever video for Marble Falls, TX produced by Neon Cloud Productions. 
  • Blog and Facebook posts and even press releases are obvious mechanisms to document the project’s progress.
  • Sites or buildings, or the project at large can be featured in ZoomProspector Enterprise alongside currently available commercial, retail or industrial real estate. Some of our clients go one step further; the  Lansing Economic Area Partnership has incorporated a custom GIS layer to tout success stories such as redevelopment projects and corporate expansions of major new business. See it here - select icons on the map to read their success stories. 
  • Update the success story as a property card in your ZoomProspector Enterprise data tool, pushing out those updates on social channels to keep stakeholders in the community up to speed. This also informs possible ancillary businesses that there are possible opportunities for them coming up as well.
  • Once the redevelopment project is live, it can be fun to recount the project from conception to launch as part of a case study, again showing how the community fostered the project and overcame setbacks. This creates a positive image for the community as well as raise awareness of additional opportunities.

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