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ZoomProspector.com is the most frequently consulted business location search tool, with free search of 1,000+ data points for every single community in the U.S.

Alissa Sklar
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on June 08, 2016
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Free data? Sounds nuts. But it's true. The U.S. national site selection portal, ZoomProspector.com, is far and away the most frequently consulted business location search tool for many reasons (see below), one of which is that we are giving away more than 1,000 data points for every single community in the U.S.


If you're an economic developer, you'll see why this makes sense: we want as many eyes as possible on what your community has to offer. And to do that, we need to make sure there is no charge to access the system, no need to set up an account or register (creating yet one more password no one ever remembers anyway).


Free. Gratis. Help yourself. 


The thing about free business search, however, is that you need to make sure you've got the robust data content site selectors and businesses are seeking. ZoomProspector.com delivers big time, with an intuitive, engaging design, multi-variable search, heat mapping, community rankings, local layers and property search, EDO Profiles that function as SEO-boosting microsites, social sharing and much more. 


Take a look at our 4-minute video tour below and see for yourself. Then head over to ZoomProspector.com and see what you can discover.



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