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Build your economic development marketing playbook

Join us for a webinar to build a marketing playbook, a detailed tactical plan that makes place marketing part of your monthly, weekly, and daily schedule.

Alissa Sklar
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on May 12, 2017
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Economic developers tend to wear a lot of hats. We know you are busy people, often combining marketing with meetings with site selectors, managing RFPs and keeping an eye on your Twitter feed. Oftentimes, proactive place marketing can get lost at the bottom of the to-do pile when you are forced to triage more pressing matters. And that's a shame, because effective marketing drives more qualified leads your way.


Enter the marketing playbook. This is a detailed tactical plan that makes place marketing part of your monthly, weekly, and daily schedule. It includes specific strategies, lists of contacts, plans for this week, this month, this quarter.


Think you don't have time for that? Think again. A great marketing playbook can actually free up your time because it's all been organized and laid out for you. No last minute guessing, scrambling to get out that e-newsletter or missed social media posts.


Join us May 23rd (click the link to access the on-demand video) for a case study on building the marketing playbook, with guest Slater Matzke, a Fuse Corps Fellow with the City of Vallejo. Slater joined the city for a one year term, and set out to build a detailed and comprehensive marketing playbook to carry the city forwards after his mandate ends.

We'll look at the practical steps he put into place to ensure Vallejo was well positioned to meet the opportunities and challenges of a growing regional economy. We will cover the following key economic development themes:

  • Maximizing the city's online presence
  • Setting up site selection data tools
  • Putting into place an ongoing marketing platform
  • Establishing promotional best practices going forwards


Missed the webinar? No probem! Click link below to view the on-demand video.


View on-demand video of this webinar


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