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Bilbao Region (Spain) Launches Data Microsite to Attract Investment

The Bilbao Region (Basque Country) launches an innovative online data microsite portal to attract foreign companies and investment to the city.

Alissa Sklar
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on November 16, 2021
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Invest in Bilbao, the local foreign investment office of the Bilbao City Council, has just launched Bilbao Business Explorer, a tool that seeks to promote foreign investment and attract companies. This online web tool, developed by GIS Planning, a world leader in online economic development solutions, offers all kinds of essential data (demographic, economic, business activity…) for foreign investors. Bilbao is one of the first cities in Spain to launch this service, which facilitates decision-making by those investment agents interested in developing their business in the city and its surroundings.

Bilbao_Business_ExplorerWith this new service, Invest in Bilbao places the city at the forefront in attracting investment and opens the way for the urban and economic transformation of the city thanks to the latest technology and the widest range of updated data. In addition, Bilbao Business Explorer can help foreign companies and investors make well-formed decisions and find business opportunities quickly and easily, saving time and money in market research as well as being more environmentally friendly, by avoiding trips that used to be essential for this type of analysis. The island of Zorrotzaurre is already the new investment focus in the city, thanks to its good connections and the wide areas to set up businesses. 

How to find the best location for a company in Bilbao in a single day

Bilbao Business Explorer, available for any business or individual, analyzes data from tens of thousands of updated variables, offering investors an informed perspective on the city of Bilbao. Its interactive interface and visually attractive infographics facilitate the overview of each area; the tool is fully mobile-friendly, so it can be visited and used from any device.

Each user can view the data on various map layers depending on the information that they want to obtain, make use of interactive tools, tables, graphs, infographics, and reports that can be classified, shared, and downloaded. Thanks to this, data can be obtained to select the best location for a company, the potential development of a specific area or its demographic characteristics. In conclusion, it helps to build a detailed image of the city and the opportunities that Bilbao offers for investors from all kinds of sectors. In addition, it lets them download the complete guide with all the information corresponding to Bilbao.

GIS Planning is the industry's leading provider of online GIS data software for investment attraction. It is part of the FT Specialist Group and is a service from the Financial Times Ltd., specialized in providing information and analysis to industry leaders and economic development agencies on international investment flows.

Zorrotzaurre, a new investment focus in the city

One of the areas with the greatest investment potential is the urban island of Zorrotzaurre, the last major urban regeneration operation launched in Bilbao. It is a space well connected to the rest of the city, and it has large areas where companies that carry out non-polluting activities can be installed. Above all, for digital activities such as biotechnology, advanced technology, creative industries and innovative or advanced services, and where it is sought to emphasize the employment of groups with greater difficulties in finding a job. The aim of the Bilbao City Council is to make this area of the city a benchmark in innovation focused on new knowledge and the latest technologies.

With this purpose, the island of Zorrotzaurre will have two innovation parks with 19 buildings for innovative processes: the Punta Norte Urban Technology Park with five plots of 34,000 m2 of building space for tertiary and commercial use, and the Punta Sur Urban Technology Park with another five more plots of around 81,000 m2 of buildable area for both tertiary and commercial use.

About Invest in Bilbao: Read more about the Bilbao Region and invest in opportunities in the Basque Country at BilbaoBusinessExplorer.com.

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For more information about Invest in Bilbao, please contact:
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Investment Manager, Invest in Bilbao
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