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Are you working with old-fashioned technology or using the newest version of GIS data tools on the market? Don't settle for VHS in a digital world.

Alissa Sklar
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on June 01, 2021
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

I invite you to take a moment before we begin to consider the beautiful and under-appreciated digital art on these VHS cassette boxes. How did I never notice this before? I must have been too focused back then on watching my recorded episodes of Seinfeld or ER, or perhaps something from the first season of Survivor. 

VHS cassette artThe images on these boxes brought me back, though. Remember the briefly lived triumph of VHS over Beta for video recording? Anyone who gambled on a Beta recorder shortly found themselves left with an expensive electrical brick. But the smug supremacy of VHS owners didn't last that long in the grand scheme of things. Soon there were DVDs. Then DVD-R, then Blu-ray, with various permutations along the way. It didn't take that long to get us entirely digital. The last VHS cassette was produced in 2016. 

Why this little esoteric walk through the library of obsolete technology? Glad you asked! I've been thinking lately about all we've seen in our 23 years of producing the industry's leading online corporate site selection web tool. Competitors that emerged and disappeared over those years. Features we were the first to develop that ended up being copied and becoming standard for most (though, quite frankly, no one did them as well as we did): infographics, smart bubbles, community reports, and more. We've carried that history with us over the years in our constant mission to always offer the newest version of online GIS data tools for economic development. We learned from the past and set our sights firmly on the future.

We're justifiably proud that we have always set the bar for innovation with ZoomProspector and our full suite of online data tools. There's a good reason we can easily claim that we consistently offer the most innovative and newest version of this technology - you only have to try out competing products to see the difference. It's the reason we have always and continue to serve the largest number of economic development organizations in the country, many times over. Compared head to head with anything else out there, ZoomProspector always comes out at the front of the pack.

Here's a partial list of the innovative features only ZoomProspector can offer:

Don't get stuck with VHS cassettes in 2021. Learn how your community or region can benefit from the newest GIS web tools on the market - schedule your demo today. 

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