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Is your website ready for an Amazon visit?

Is your website ready should Amazon (or other large businesses) consider your location? Will they find the robust, searchable data they need?

Stevie Field-Chavez
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on October 19, 2017
Stevie Field-Chavez
Vice President of Regional Sales

The economic development world is a little crazy this week.  With the Amazon HQ2 proposals due today, Oct. 19th,  I can imagine the last minute scrambles to get the proposals assembled and call FedEX or UPS for overnight delivery, then the holding of the breath until you receive notice that the past couple of months’ worth of work has safely arrived and has been signed and received.


Now, exhale.


Time for a hard question:  Should Amazon come looking on your website, what exactly will they find?  


Will they find interactive demographic reports or a static PDF?   Will they find workforce and talent information that will show them you have the skilled workers and graduates within commuting distance? Check out these live reports and see for yourself how easy it is to obtain the information you are looking for.


How about site and buildings information?  Will they be able to search for properties and see in an interactive map of how their facility might fit on the site?


If the answer to all or most of these is “no,” there is still no need to panic. We’ve got your back. We can get these interactive tools up and running on your website before the research stage of the HQ2 project is truly underway.


To top it off, we can also let you know if they have been researching your site. Our Lead Gen ID analytic reports use customized reverse IP lookup you can see the exact name of the company searching on your website and which sites/buildings and/or reports they were viewing, along with their search criteria.  

Imagine seeing that Amazon has been on your website and looking at the very site you know would be a perfect fit? Now imagine how great it would feel to be confident that you’ve done everything possible to  provide the critical information they need to make a location decision in your community.


The secrecy of the site selection process may have just changed.  Amazon may be the most public search to date, but others are coming.  Ones you don’t know about may already be looking.  


Let’s get you ready! Contact us today to get a customized assessment and demo.

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