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6 Questions for EDOs about their online GIS data tools

Is your online GIS corporate site selection data tools up to industry standards? These 6 key questions will help you ensure you're best-in-class.

Russ Riblett
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on July 24, 2019
Russ Riblett
Vice President of Sales

If you suspect your online GIS corporate site selection data tools aren't quite up to industry standards, here are six key questions to ask about the interactive tool you are trusting to handle investment attraction for your region. 


property report mobileHow familiar are you with your online GIS data tool? For example, have you really looked at your site selection tool on your phone? Do you see maps?


If you aren't using GIS Planning's ZoomProspector, you may find that the mapping tool your community invested in doesn't actually have maps at all when you visit on a phone (as up to 70% of your website visitors are likely to do). As you can see in the image on the right, mapping information is always included on ZoomProspector mobile reports.


Once you're visiting your web tool on your phone, check out the reports. 


Oops. That's too bad. Unless you're using GIS Planning's ZoomProspector, you may be surprised to see that reports aren't visible or don't load at all on a smartphone. That's a hefty percentage of your website visitors that just won't find the features or functionality they need to make location decisions. In the image on the right, the top arrow shows how visitors scroll right and left to find and click on the report they want.


Do you offer your website visitors dynamic reporting or old-school static PDFs?


Site selectors and businesses making location decisions come to your website with unique questions; static PDF reports can be frustrating because they don't allow users to drill into the data, sort it, and analyze it to get the answers they need. GIS Planning's ZoomProspector offers dynamic, interactive report that is easy to save and share in multiple formats.

How about website analytics? Do you get THREE sets of analytics showing you detailed data about the acquisition, demographics and behavior of your website visitors, including which companies are on your website, what search criteria they are using and what properties and reports they are viewing?


Hmmmm. That's unfortunate. Unless you're using GIS Planning's ZoomProspector, you may have to guess who is actually visiting your website, what they are searching for and what they are viewing.


What kind of innovation do you get with your online GIS data tools?


Innovation is going to be spotty or non-existent unless you use GIS Planning's ZoomProspector. We push out updates, upgrades and new features or functionality roughly every three months. And since we are the only ones to do all our programming in-house, you can count on products that actually work. Our clients know they count on using the most sophisticated and user-friendly tool in the industry. That's why #wearewhatsnew.

What kind of client support are you getting?


GIS Planning clients get their calls/emails returned and questions address in under 2 hours 99% of the time. Plus, they can count on hands-on, involved support for the marketing and promotion of their data tools. 

GIS Planning's online GIS data tools do all these things. There's a reason 28 U.S. statewide economic development organizations have chosen to attract investment with ZoomProspector, including the majority of the top 11 metro areas and over 13,000 communities from large to small. We invented this technology for economic development 21 years ago and we are 21 years strong.


Still not sure? Let us show you a LIVE side by side demo of our tools with any competing products.

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