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5 Online Trends ED Pros Can't Ignore


Software and tech guru Marc Andreesson has argued that "software is eating the world." If anyone should know, it's him; as the co-author of Mosaic (the first widely used web browser) and co-founder of Netscape, he sits on the board of Facebook and eBay (among others). 


It's hard to argue with his assertion.


Everyday tasks are increasingly enabled and facilitated by software, from teaching to banking, writing to art, dating, travel, medicine and communication of all kinds. It surrounds us so thoroughly that we often stop seeing it, much like goldfish unaware of the water around them. So it's all the more surprising when practitioners of economic development are unaware of or resistant to the software developments changing their field. 


Economic developers who plan to remain relevant will be interested in the 5 online trends detailed in this downloadable white paper. 


Download 5 Online Trends White Paper